Radoslaw ’Rad’ Pajor

based in Midlands, UK

I paint my life with light.

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Email rad.pajor@outlook.com

Address East Midlands, UK

I combine passion for photography with cars, always experimenting and looking for techniques to make the images stand out. I consider myself more of the photographer than graphic artist, I’d rather have the photo perfect straight out of the camera than spend hours editing the shots, pure oldschool.

Started from analogue Zenith SLR, moved to digital era with Fuji S5600, upgraded to DSLR range with Pentax. At the moment I shoot with Nikon D7100 with some extra toys in a bag.

You can see and read more on my website https://shadowsphotography.wordpress.com/ . Check out my contributions to http://www.motorpunk.co.uk/ . I also encourage you to look at FlickR site if you have time for massive galleries: https://www.flickr.com/photos/shadowmedia/albums.

Do you want to get some photos done? Get in touch!